Newtrino Case Study

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The Problem

Due to the latest php update to 7.2, most of websites experienced issues with either custom developed code or core code in general. This was the issue with this website The payment plugin was giving an error and thus not allowing users to complete their purchase on the website.

The Solution

Investigate, update and publish. We spend countless ours investigating the issue and what the main cause could be. Once this stage was completed, we corrected and updated the code as needed and published it. Newtrino customers can now continue to experience their seamless purchase structured that they are used to.

How we helped

  • Domain Registration
  • Website Hosting
  • Email Setup
  • Website Design
  • Graphic Elements Source
  • Suctom Development
  • CMS Tutorial
  • Free Support

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SJ Webdesign is a well established design studio in Cape Town that specializes in Website Design. Due to the increase of website designers and developers in this day and age, we made the strategic option to only specialize in Web Design.

Our idea is simple, we are not a Jack of Trades but a group of experienced designers that purely focus on your companies website, company brand, company message and leads. We design websites to help increase your client base.

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