Covid-19: 2020 business guide to survival

5 Tested Tips: How Your Small Business Can Survive Covid-19

This deadly virus (covid-19 a.k.a coronavirus) has taken the world by storm and honestly, we as business owners and everyone else was not ready for it. To all those who have lost a loved one during this time, my deepest condolences. To the rest of us, let’s keep doing everything we can to stop the spread of covid-19.

As small business owners we are feeling the after-effect of this virus; limited staff, business closure, cancellations and now lockdown. Although that is the case, there is a silver lining in every storm. Our silver lining is the fact that we have 21 days to change from our traditional ways of doing business and look at digitalization of our services and products. The internet has been around for years now and slowly but surely users are adopting online purchases and search. If you are selling goods, set up a Shopping Cart Website a.k.a Online Store today.

The following 5 tips on how your small business can survive covid-19 are tested and I have implemented them on my own business to minimize the after effect of the virus. Note that due to industry difference, location, business age, finance and other aspects, these tips may work immediately or could prove to take much longer to produce results. Either way, stick with them.

1 Provide insights to your services that are unique to your industry

What is your niche? What makes your spice better than the aunt across the road? These types of questions are what you should ask yourself as you start to look at blogging and vlogging (video blogging) about what makes your business unique. In this time of isolation, many will be looking for good reading material, tips and tricks on “how to”. Some of these people are your clients, your target audience and you should engage with them.

Keep your business on their minds during this time so that when you reach out to them after the lockdown, they will know who you are and what services you provide.

2 Rethink your digital strategy and web design

Your website has been generating you business as long as you had it and the digital strategy build around has been working just fine. Now things are different, customers have more time to spend on your website then they had before. This means that when they used to just scan your website copy, now they will take the time to read through it. I suggest promoting your blog posts more than your services. They are not just looking for a quick fix, but how to fix it themselves.

I hope you’re not one of those who still don’t have a website in 2020. Should that be the case, you can get a Complete Website Design at an affordable price.

3 If possible, make it digital

Planning an event for a couple of months only to find out that it will be cancelled is not something to look forward to. But what if you could host it online, wouldn’t that be an option…

Start looking at selling your event tickets at a discount. This will help you keep your current “coming” clients and attract more maybes. Look at software and apps that allow you to host an event online. Access to these events will be with a digital ticket or by some generated link. The idea here is simple, don’t cancel your event but rather change the location.

4 New income streams, without new stress

Having more than one income is crucial in a time like this. What if your business folds, do you have other means to stay alive? Think about a hobby you have or always wanted to pick up. Now think about how you can generate an income from that hobby.

If you love knitting and have been doing it for years, there must be a type of pattern that has developed as your signature over the years. Why not run a subscription based online tutorial where you teach young and elderly people how to achieve this masterpiece. Your second or third income stream should not add stress to your daily life, that’s what your main business is there for. Instead, it should provide a way of doing what you love and making money at the same time. Be creative, the sky is your limit.

5 Coupons and gift cards for when the storm has passed

We know that everything in this life passes by, this includes the covid-19 after-effect. I suggest preparing for this time. I fully understand that it can take weeks and even months before clients start visiting your store again. The key thing to remember during this time is that eventually they will walk through your doors again. When they do, make sure you have a hook prepared.

Creating coupon and gift cards  now will be a reminder to your potential clients of your business and services. Providing something that they can claim after the storm has passed will be something that they can look forward to. If you’re in retail, coupons can help boost your sales during this time, capture this opportunity by providing discounts through your online store.


There are countless things we can try, test and implement during this time. My suggestion is that you do just that, TRY, TEST, IMPLEMENT

NB*: I will be releasing a series of blog posts accompanied by videos teaching you how you can design 3 – 5 page websites in a week. I challenge you to follow these guides and videos on web design and see how easy it can be to design websites from home. Subscribe to my mailing list to be notified when new videos are released.

NBB*: The content above is inspired by a post on Leadpages that you can find here: 10 Ways to Crisis-Proof Your Small Business in Uncertain Times

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