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Google My Business Listing – 5 Key Step Setup Guide [2020 Updated]

Setting up Google My Business Listing is one of the key features that every business needs in 2020. This allows your business to appear in local search results on Google.

Firstly I will explain what GMB (Google My Business) is and the benefits it holds for your business. Once you know what it is, you can then follow the 5 steps guide.

Google My Business Listing, What is it?

Since late 2018 till 2020 we have seen the rise of “tools” on the internet. These tools are created in order to make life easier and assist “non-technical” people better navigate the internet. Google My Business in no different, it is a free and easy-to-use tool created by Google that is meant to help you setup a business presence online. When you create a listing, it helps searchers find your business easier, provide them with relevant information like operating hours, location and contact information.

The Benefits: Because it is a product created by Google, using this tool can increase your search appearances and your business can show on Search and Maps.

#1 - Choosing A Name That Works

Google my business setup page - SJ Webdesign

In my career of over 6 years as a website developer, I have concluded one thing… most people do not realize what important role your a business name plays. Let’s say you stay in Cape Town and you sell Ray-Ban sun glasses. You want to be found by people near your store who are looking for the latest shades trending. What would be a good business name?

Targeting the keywords you want to rank for and using them in your business name could boost your ranking in Search and Maps. So calling your business Joe’s Ray-Bans Shades | Cape Town would be ideal. Structure your business name with the following in mind:

  • Terget Keywords
  • Location
  • Product or Service

#2 - Getting Grouped By Service / Product Type

Google my business setup category - SJ Webdesign

Google’s number one goal is simple, provide the best and relevant information to the client. By grouping Google My Business Listings, google knows when to show your listing to clients. A single business cannot provide all service types that users are searching on a daily basis. It is recommended that all services provided by your business be under one main category. Take my business for an example. We provide Web Strategies, this would be our main category but other services we provide like Graphic Design, Web Design and SEO are relevant services under our main category.

#3 - Every Business Has An Address, Add It

Google My Business Listing - 5 Key Step Setup Guide [2020 Updated] 1

Not having a physical store or building can sometimes trigger a need to no this step. If you do not enter your address, the location based keyword used in point #1 becomes irrelevant. This section is what Google will use when doing a radius check for business that fit within the near-me based searches. Once this is setup, you will need to verify you address. Just to make sure you you are on the premises as indicated.

#4 - Narrow It Down As Possible

Where do you serve your customers (optional) Google My Business - SJ Webdesign
What region is your business based in Google My Business - SJ Webdesign

Remember what I said about being found for everything? Yeah, same principles apply here. Do not want to cover all locations, Google is much smarter then that and you could be penalized. Let’s refer to point #1 again, remember that location based keyword used in your business name, use it here. Google will love you for it.

#5 - Let Them Contact You

What contact details do you want to show to customers Google My Business - SJ Webdesign

This is what it is all about. All the work we have done so far is just for this one point. We want them to be able to contact us, right. The best way is to provide them with a contact number and a website link in case they need more details. I have written a How To Design Your Business Website On Your Own 2020 Guide should you not have a website link. Alternatively you can get in touch with us by filling your details on the right. Enough marketing, back to the guide…


I am not even going to sweat it, I know that you have followed the steps in this guide and clicked that FINISH button at the end. You have successfully created a

Google My Business Listing


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