Free Logo Design Tool

Identity is key when it comes to your business online presence.
We offer a free logo design tool that allows you to create a unique logo for your company using Font Awesome icons.

What is a LOGO?

“A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public identification and recognition. It may be of an abstract or figurative design or include the text of the name it represents as in a wordmark”


Even though we do offer professional logo design services to our clients, we know that sometimes you just want to it yourself. This could be due to budget or you just don’t see the value in paying for a logo design. This is one of the of the few reasons we created this free logo design tool. It is meant to get you started with a logo and a favicon you can use on your website. Need A Website? We offer that as well, view our web design packages.

We encourage you to play around with this free logo design tool and should you feel the need to “leave it to pro”, fill in the contact form at the bottom and we will contact you.

Free logo design tool - SJ Webdesign

How To Use This Tool

  • Choose a icon you would like to use for your new logo using the drop-down called Icon
  • Select the size you would like your logo’s icon to be
  • Select the color you would like your icon to be
  • Select the position of the icon(left or top). This is best visible when the title is already inserted using step 5
  • Enter your company name in the Main Text field
  • Choose the color you would like your main text to be
  • Choose the font that best relates to your business Corporate Identity
  • Click on the Download Favicon button to download the favicon for your website or Download Logo to download the full image

Tool Too Complicated? Opt-in for our

Logo Design @ R490 Once-off

Sometimes things do not turnout as you hoped they would. Maybe the logo you designed using our free logo design tool was not what you expected. In that case, fill in the form and a seasoned graphic designer will contacting you regarding a logo design for your business at R490 once-off.

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