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Company Background

“Dare to dream differently” – From Website. This one of the lines that stood out for us while we were discussing Black & White Collective visions. They are a group of creative minds that work in the digital sector and aim to deliver project never seen before.

The founder Reevan Cornelius has worked with major brands and has first hand experience what it is working for a giant company like Woolworth. He aims to pour out that experience into each and every project they work on.

The Problem

Years of creative artwork needed a home online. Over the years they have been collecting artwork through Graphic Design, Corporate Identity, Logo, Business Cards and Flyers; now they need to showcase that online.

The Solution

We partnered with them to create a home for all their hard work. A website that tells the years experience and at the same time, shows the professionalism and dedication to their craft.

I must admit, this was a challenging one. We had to balance creativity with business. A website that says: “hey, trust us, we know what we doing” and at the same time stating that they will deliver on your requirements. We think we did a pretty good job, what do you think? Visit Site

How we helped

  • Domain Registration
  • Website Hosting
  • Email Setup
  • Website Design
  • Graphic Elements Source
  • Suctom Development
  • CMS Tutorial
  • Free Support

Our Web Design Story

SJ Webdesign is a well established design studio in Cape Town that specializes in Website Design. Due to the increase of website designers and developers in this day and age, we made the strategic option to only specialize in Web Design.

Our idea is simple, we are not a Jack of Trades but a group of experienced designers that purely focus on your companies website, company brand, company message and leads. We design websites to help increase your client base.

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